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Squint your eyes and look deep, deep into your monitor. You'll see nothing but meaningless pixels. But once you relax your eyes (and you really should, or you'll get a headache), the combined effect of all these pixels working together is inspiration and feeling, information and ideas. Great corporate identity design, whether we're talking about websites or the other components of a branding strategy, is much more than the sum of its parts. Creativity is essential. Creativity is what resides at the root of effective brand development.

Branding company BlackWave represents the creative side of corporate identity design. The perfect logo comes first, and the waves roll out from there. We love catching the eye and directing it, and juxtaposed contrasts get our blood going. We get drunk off of visual overload. BlackWave can distill a branding strategy into clean and simple lines. Or we can recreate the physical world with virtual wood grains, crumpled paper and ink blots. There are rabbits in our hat and tricks up our sleeve, but we use them judiciously. The end effect is always emotional and exciting.

Our ultimate purpose, of course, is to broadcast our clients' message and define their corporate identity. Our talent (not that we're bragging or anything) encompasses all of corporate identity design. As a comprehensive branding company, BlackWave Creative unifies websites, print materials, logos and other design elements with a well-positioned brand strategy. Don't take our word for it. Flip through our portfolio and judge for yourself.

BlackWave Creative is a branding company of the 21st century. We're small and nimble. We're over-caffeinated and over-connected. Smaller jobs rely on our core creative staff, but for bigger corporate identity design projects we rally our troops from across North America. On our team, we have SEO specialists to help boost website rankings and copywriters to craft your words. Developers create databases, and coders arrange all those pixels. Our scalable structure means each brand development project only uses the needed personnel. For our clients, this arrangement translates to lower costs and supercharged creativity.

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